Leigh Alderson – Six Years On



Its hard to believe that  six years have passed since Leigh Alderson produced the incredible ‘Stars of the Arts Gala’ which took place in the Marketplace theater in Armagh 2010 on the 19 June .

The photograph I shot of Leigh called ‘Flight of Freedom’  was auctioned at the

‘Stars Of The Arts’ Gala in aid of the Haiti Appeal and on that night the amazing people who bought the image, presented it back to Leigh on stage at the end of the show as a surprise, a gift to  him to show their adoration and appreciation for this talented and generous man, who has given his time, love and energy into encouraging other young dancers to follow their dreams. He knew nothing about the presentation and we were all very moved by the gesture.

In 2013, Alderson was offered a contract with the prestigious Les Grands Ballets in Montreal and continues to perform with them. Through his love of music production and Ballet he continues to fund raise for charities that are close to his heart.

I can’t express how lucky I feel to be able to call him a friend and follow his journey of success. I’m so proud of this wonderfully talented Irish man   Canada is lucky to have him!!



For more information on Leigh Alderson go to




and follow him on Facebook, twitter and Instagram  –







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