‘Bruised & Broken’ The Latest single from Daniel Murphy Music Video shot and due for release in March 2014

His sound is current and emotional, his style is pop.  He is Daniel Murphy.  The incredibly talented singer/songwriter from Dublin.  

This week I produced and directed the music video  for ‘Bruised & Broken’  in several locations around Dublin, including the beautiful Hampton Hotel in Donnybrook, Co Dublin.

Daniel Murphy

.Daniel Murphy



Daniel Murphy  is such a popular guy and has so many people interested in him  and his incredible  music…and many of them showed up on  location  to support him on set.   The very passionate Sharon Steacy Hennessy (Co Owner Miss Ireland & Star  Search Co-Owner)  and  Martin Byrne (Star Search talent show co-owner  & X-Factor Tour Manager)  and with them they brought a team consisting of  Esme’s clothing stylists Sinéad Brennan, hair stylists Shauna Penney and make-up artist  Rachel O’Riordan from http://www.foreverfabulous.ie.

Daniel’s wardrobe by Bernie Cafolla  and his suit was provided by  Michael Barrie  Menswear.

Featuring in the Music video is the lovely Esmé Mansergh Wallace – Miss Sunday World 2012.  She brought grace and an ethereal quality to the character she played.   She came onto set as a model…but with a little reassurance and the camera rolling it was soon evident that an actress was being born before our eyes.   There’s a lot more to this girl than meets the eye.

Daniel has been known to ‘pop’ out new tracks as fast as you can read all of the info above and with new management in the pipeline this young man is set to go global.

The video will be released through VEVO on the 14th of March 2014


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