Still from Jones Apollo new music video.



858187_4920921575247_370841434_oStill from  Jones Apollo new music video.

The challenges of the Irish weather really did play havoc with the production of this music video. But all members of Jones Apollo kept a positive and pro active mood throughout the entire day and just got on with what they set out to do. Our aim was to make a great new music video for their latest single ‘Home’. The storyline was purposely kept simple as ‘Home’ has many personal representations for every individual viewer/listener and I didn’t want to take that away from people. It was important to me as an artistic director to let the audience decide on what ‘Home’ represented to them. The concept was created through my belief that wherever you call ‘Home’ you need to pack a suitcase to either come or go. The inspirations came from 2 things… 1. A trip to the UK where I returned to the baggage reclaim section to find my suitcase thrown off the carousel and sitting in the middle of the hall.. sad, lonely and abandoned with not a person in sight. and the second inspiration came from the film ‘Cast Away’ and particularly the relationship between Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) and his newly self created friend the basketball ‘Wilson’. The song is about taking chances and going for it.

Release dates for the Music Video and Single to be announced.


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