Shooting The Scenes

Next month see’s the filming of the ‘She Said’  Music Video for

The Scenes 

Hailing from all pockets of the South East of Ireland, the Scenes are five musicians who have come together to make music that they believe in. Having played in different bands over the years they formed in 2012 with the ethos to create high octane songs that twist, turn and keep listeners on the edge of their seats.


( Image and bio captured from The Scenes official website – go to )
“Karin Pritzel ………..  has been making her mark in the music industry following her nominations at the MRU Awards and thrilled to have her on board The Scenes new Video “She Said” which will be shot around Dublin 2nd & 3rd Feb next Month…looking forward to working with her…and at the MTV awards next year…!”

Michael Brough – The Scenes ( Manager)


I was very flattered when they contacted  me saying they loved the work I’ve done for other artists and would like me come on board and shoot their next music video.  I know there were lots of directors looking for the gig so to be chosen amongst them is  such an honor.  We’ll all dream of MTV awards as we watch the band climb the ladder of success. Production is underway..and we’re all looking forward to February.




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